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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Openhouse Live work?

The C3D Live solution allows video calls within Matterport, Kuula, Metareal, Cupix and Google Streetview virtual tours which synchronises the tour across up to 50 participants directly from the browser. Your clients don't need to download an app or any other software, they just click on the link you provide them at the agreed time.  Any user can take control of the tour at any time by clicking on the steering wheel - so you can choose whether to guide your clients around the space or let them lead as you answer their questions.

Is Setting up C3D Live easy?

C3D Live has been built with simplicity in mind. Once you've subscribed we'll provide you with your account details. This allows you to access the Openhouse Creator, a simple interface that allows you to add meetings and save to your calendar within seconds. 

How do I use C3D Live?

You create a unique meeting invitation for each of your clients by choosing the time of your meeting, and pasting in your virtual tour link on the tour creation page. Once you've set up the meeting simply click on the generated link to join.

Do my customers need to download anything?

No, we have intentionally designed C3D Live to be one click access as we know many corporate clients cannot download software onto their devices. The system works with most modern browsers and has been tested on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. We always recommend that you are on the latest version of these browsers. If you are using an iOS device you must use Safari, implementations of other browsers on these devices will not work. Internet Explorer is not supported. Note: Only the latest version of Microsoft Edge is supported.

Are there any limits to the number of meetings?

Each user account comes with an associated number of inclusive video credits.  For calls with up to 4 participants, a video credit is 1 minute multiplied by the number of participants on the session. For example if you had a 30 minute meeting with one guest you would use 60 video credits (30 minutes x 2 participants) and the same meeting with three guests would use 120 video credits (30 minutes x 4 participants)

For calls with between 4 and 50 participants, a video credit is 1 minute multiplied by the number of participants on the session multiplied by 2.5. For example if you had a 30 minute meeting with nine guests you would use 750 video credits (30 minutes x 10 participants x 2.5) and the same meeting with twenty nine guests would use 2250 video credits (30 minutes x 30 participants x 2.5)

Credits used above the amount allocated per month will be subject to an 'overage' charge, which is rounded up to the nearest 1000 minutes and charged per additional 1000 minutes