PropTech: What does it mean for UK estate agents?

‘PropTech’ is a term you’ve probably heard floated on the property grapevine a fair bit lately, but you wouldn’t be alone if you really don’t know what it entails. These days, technology is central to any business, no matter its size or sector. It helps companies streamline their processes, manage workflow, resource allocation, profitability and much more. The term PropTech … Read More

The virtues of virtual tours in the education sector

Boost3D Virtual school tours

The uptake of virtual tours in the education sector over the last year has been marked – with many independent schools adopting the technology to enable them to continue showcasing their school grounds to new prospective students and their families throughout lockdown. While UK lockdown restrictions have eased, there is still a place for the use of this valuable tool. … Read More

10 ways to win with virtual tours in property sales

Adopting new tech can be daunting for any business, but virtual tours offer some very clear wins and demonstrate very compelling ROI’s across many sectors. The real estate industry is no exception. In the USA and Australia, virtual tours are pretty widely used to showcase properties all over the country, with the tech gaining traction with UK estate agents steadily … Read More